Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thee, Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Guess what??? No, it's not about my blogshop. It might be a complete failure. Ugh!!! I don't want to know about it but i'm not going to give up. Ngiahahahahahaha..Anyway, my mom suddenly support me writing a novel. That does sound interesting and i have been working on a novel. Currently, i'm trying to finish the novels that i'm working on. Although i've been working on it since last year. Don't ask me why it took me forever to finish it. Cause i'll answer you right. I've been delaying it while finding a better way to interpret the whole story. I want it to be perfect well, almost to perfect at least. And i really wanted to finish this novel that i'm working on. And i might even think about publishing it. Right now, most of my books are all filled with poems and i'm thinking to publish it as well but i don't know if it will work out. It's in English and my poems is not that typical literature. It was just me and my heart. So i wrote whatever it is inside my heart. I wonder if it will work out. Do you know where i can publish my poem? In fact, i want to show them to the people who know about this better and give advice or just anything so i could improve on it. And i actually want to try changing my poem to lyric and let people give the melody and sing it. It would be nice that way. Anyone could help me?
 Besides that, i'm looking for a husband. Yeah, i told you about it from my last post. From the pressure knowing that my sister is going to get married end of this year and i'm still single. So, here i am. Looking for a candidate. If possible i want his name to start with Abang or Awang cause i want to continue my Dayang and Abang generation. I don't want it to be lost cause all of my sisters didn't end up with Abang/Awang. So, i really want it to be true. But if that is not the case, then as long as you're a Muslim and you have the confidence to guide me to the Right Way. Allah's way. I am a stubborn one and even though i may look sweet but i'll rebel easily if i get provoked. My mom keep on telling me to find a candidate on the internet. It sounds easy but i have no idea what does she meant by that. And when i ask my friend, she told me to find on the internet as well. So i ask her how and she said she don't know either. That's the thing. People keep on telling me to do it that way but they don't know how either. Not cool at all. Anyway, she did suggest go to the dating website and i told her that is not a one cause who knows i'll end up being sell for joining up any of the untrust-able website. I'll be dead meat. Arghhhh... Daisy, i'm stressed out. Please help me find a candidate for me. Until then, be mine Daisy

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