Sunday, June 3, 2012

Be My Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Yes, it has been a while since my last incident. Some things happen when you least expected and it gives you either fear or the happiest moment in your life. Well for me, after all that i happen to be in a state of trauma with every little sound that i can hear. But most probably the sound of clinking between steels happen to freak me out or even strangers passing by in front of my parent's house. I happen to be shaking. Still i don't want this fear to control me to the point it drives me insane. So i have been struggling to stop myself from shivering and all that. And that is probably the reason why i have been in a long hiatus. Not that i never thought of anyone who's reading this but i just don't want to be trapped in the same time again. Every night i would still remember how the whole thing happen. As if it was just yesterday and that's why i can't help but fight it by myself. It does feel terrible being alone in that state. So far, no one had hugged me or whatsoever. Thus, my conclusion stays the same. I need to get married either way.