Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Letter To Daisy 1

Dear Daisy,

This would be my second letter that i wrote. You might want to call it a letter but it is just merely just a thought of mine. Since my friends don't bother about knowing what i'm doing or what i'm doing, i think it is safe for me to express all my frustration as well as happiness in this blog of mine. I am not always gloomy like you thought i would be. Anyway, right now i'm counting days. I know i haven't told you yet but i'll be moving to Kuching end of this year.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

End of the Year 2009

Endless days and night,, It seems my old habit trying to eat me alive while i'm too good at it. Old habit as in i start to sleep during daytime again. I spent my nights with my never ending story or even watch anime, stare at the ceiling inside my dark room and i might even read my novels. This is why i need something new to read every week. It doesn't matter how long i take to finish it but i will always keep on reading it. Anyway, i am not going to talk why i have been gone from this blog of mine. It is not that i don't have the time or got bored with it but it seems like i got something else to occupy myself lately. I got plenty of time or even if i don't have the time i would always find a way to update my first blog ever. I don't hope that i will have a lot of friends from this blog or even someone would really read it but i guess it's my starting point. A way for me to change i guess. I'm losing my point again. Happens a lot. Don't bother. Actually i have an announcement to make. I hope someone will understand or if they don't then just bear with it for a little longer. For after this, things will get to the real me (eventually). Just pray that i don't fall off the track again. Speaking of the announcement that i want to make,,,


But i'll be keeping some of my post for future review,,,I need it in certain times,,,,I guess i made myself clear after this. So don't be searching my previous post or whatsoever. My past has gone within me and i'm going to accept it no matter how hard or painful it will be after this. I'll be fine after that. I guess. Anyway, next year i'm going to start another version of my post and i guess it will be something meaningful for me. Just pray for me until then. I guess, that's all i want to say for now. Until then...