Sunday, January 1, 2012

Be Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Yes, it has been a while now. I'm being a bit lazy updating the blog. Things happen here and there to the point that i forgot about a certain thing that i ought to do. Now that i'm here, i''m not really sure if i can continue on blogging from time to time. I fear that my condition unable me to do anything. But i sure do hope i can update more from time to time. 

Guess what Daisy, i quit from my work as a waitress. It was sad but it's for a good change. I finally get to go onto bakery lesson. It's like i'm walking on the right path to my own dream and i'm happy for it. I'm so thankful that things did turn out bad while i was there. Some crisis with co-worker. Now that a path has been open, i decided to use that road. Not that i'm running away from problem, i face it every single time i go to new places. So this whole thing is like piece of cake for me. But i'm thankful now. Because i'm back to the road that i want to go for a long time. I guess patience is really worth it. I won't be jobless. I still get my pay because i'll be babysitting my niece. Pray for my success and happiness Daisy. And when love do comes my way, tell me that he's 'The One'. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR Daisy!!! I love you. Until then my Daisy.