Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thee, Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I'm glad i have friends who have this gift to talk about certain things and everything that a friend of mine talk about really touched my heart. I like how a friend of mine write their heart out. The complaints, the nagging and the dissatisfaction sound so soft whenever i read it. Usually i don't like it when people complaint too much or shout out their dissatisfaction. But with this friend of mine, i am somewhat drawn into the entry. You must be wondering why i'm not even giving out any hint whether it's him or her. No, i don't want to do that. It spoils all the fun. The entry that i thought was no longer there finally been updated. This time it talk about what i had in mind. What have been bothering me when i see everywhere around me are  decorated with buildings and the youth nowadays have been pampered to the point they could hardly be thankful with what they have now. The old generation can only sigh while the youth become the king of the world. Where's the shame, where's the religion and where's the manner? They forgot the most important thing and now everyone is busy digging for short cut in life. The old saying 'No short cut in success' has no longer been heard anymore since what i have witness enough to pain this art heart of mine. My entry this time is just a continuation of what a friend of mine wrote. The only different is a friend of mine wrote it in our mother tongue language while as usual i can never write anything better with my own mother tongue's language. I'm pretty bad at it. I am one of those example who seem to be leaving the past. The country feeling is not there anymore. I have no one  but myself to be blame since i'm nuisance about this thing in the past. But now, i'm starting to missed people wearing big t-shirts, songs that gives you new lesson and old folks who would tell you story that you will never hear again. Their old saying and just everything about them. It's nostalgic. Now, its been tainted by gadgets, development, fashion and just everything. It used to be so green now it's just dirty. Innocent no longer exist. Words are no longer pure. We are no longer talking. This heart can only sigh. This heart can only cry. We are just dying. Until then Daisy.