Friday, July 22, 2011

Forever Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I'm hungry. Anyone care to buy Fish and Chips for me? Suddenly i'm craving for Fish and Chips. Now where am i suppose to buy that. Hurmmm... If only i'm craving for something simple like i always do like pizza or burger. Now suddenly this??? Where am i suppose to get it in the middle of the night or ask my sister to buy it for me. Aigoo. Why??? I feel like shouting. Daisy, lets have a date. Pick me up at my sister's place and we'll go on a date. I'm being mad due to my craving. Help me by then. Fish and Chips, Fish and Chips. Come to me....

I'm hungry no matter how much i eat. I still want Fish and Chips to satisfy me. No, i'm not pregnant. I must be nuts and out of my mind. Shame on you to be thinking that way. It's just that part of woman's thing. Where they crave for something although they're not pregnant. They want it so badly that they never feel full after eating a lot of things. Yes, there are certain female who would share my craving and they are some who don't feel a thing. Is it due my age? Ugh, i'm ageing am i? I need to calm myself first. Otherwise i might hurt people when i'm in this state. Until then, my forever Daisy

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