Sunday, March 6, 2011

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

My hand work just fine. I thought i might be suffering from a great pain due to the heaviness that i've been carrying for the past few hours. That would be the last time that i'm bringing my nephews out and carry them. It hurt. You can curse me all you want but i do have my limit. It is not that i want to go on shopping and all the sort but carrying my nephew who weighs i don't know how much tires me out. Not only me. Even my brother said that my nephew is heavy as well and he can't stand holding onto him forever like i did. You have got to be kidding me. Besides, i'm wearing my wedges. I didn't expect that i'll be one who's carrying him. Then of course, i should have known better. I was not suppose to go out today. I told my mom that but as usual she always change her mind at the last minute. She force me to wake up and go with them. Telling me that i would regret and this is the only time that i'll be going out. Have i heard it correctly? Well, see who's regretting it now? Even my mom is speechless. I blurt out everything cause i'm ticked off by the fact that i have to handle all of this. Why me? I kept on asking why me. Sometimes i want to blame onto fate but it would be sinful if i do such a thing. Ugh. In the end i put all the blame on me. For refusing to further my studies, refusing to work with government site and for keep on holding onto my dream and believe it just like i had kept for so long. Or is it because of my self idiocy that i kept on smiling although i felt like i want to kiss someone in the face. This whole thing is annoying.

Arghhhhhhh!!!! I'm out Daisy. Until then Daisy

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