Friday, March 18, 2011

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Some things just keep coming. And my heart sways from here and there when i have to make such a decision. Life could probably have gotten better if my parent decided to step in. Not only that, probably half of my problem would be solved. I wouldn't be so happy about it no matter what cause when half of the problem solve that means i have to solve about more than half problems on my own. The only thing that give me headache and heartache right now is all about the heart matter. Again. Sigh. That is all i could and i've been sighing ever since this thing creep up on me. I think i might have to be the director myself and act out something. It's just getting tougher.
 Seriously, being friends with your ex is definitely not a good thing. I thought i'll be cool about it but they just keep on coming and bothering me till the end. Just when i started to forget all about it and move on, out of nowhere 'he' just keep on coming back. Then disappear as it please. Driving me nuts. But this time, i am through. To think they could just stomp my heart after all the healing and mending for appearing out of nowhere and giving the peace aura but be gone before i could even ask them a few question is really making me nuts. This time, it is my turn to do those stuff. Well, mine probably a lot worser since woman tend to do something unthinkable and scary at the same time. We learn the men's way and we improvise a little bit more. Ngiahahahahaha. Oh gosh, i'm being evil again. This thought in my head just keeps on appearing. How nice could that be? A pretty sight.

So much for the love to be wasted. So much for the pain that i have to go through. Just how much more i have to endure. Sometimes, i don't believe in falling in love for another man other than The Almighty. Until then Daisy

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