Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

My nose is itchy. Driving me nuts. Must be the oil. That is why i hate oily food. It will give my life, hell. Well, not really. But truthfully, it's driving me insane. Thank goodness i still have my sanity. Otherwise i might have to just cut off my nose. My very own nose!!!
How's life for all of you? Have been great or have you open up another surprises that life has given you? A perfect gift as you age. As usual, i always happen to open up my surprises at such age. That is why i always have to wonder why i am a step ahead among my friends. I am not boasting or anything. In certain terms or topics, i seem to be ahead of them. When they face trouble or problem in their life, i kind of face it earlier than them and much harsh. I have warned them about it but it seems like their pride and ego seem to get them in control which make them refuse to hear me out. Most of them pretend like i never said a thing. While others just laugh at it. It is rather heartbreaking to be treated like a mad woman just because my very own freaking heart had the nerve to care for them. Why do i care but then i do? Can't help the way i am. So a mad woman that i am, warning people of about the twist and turn of life. The surprises that they might get. Although it was in vain but i have tried my part and will never stop doing so.

Why i'm bringing this topic up? Might be a boring story for you but it's something that i see everyday. That i face among my friends. I'll not tell in details but there are certain things that my friend face, i seem to have face it years ago. Now that i heal, when i listen to their story it was as if my story were being told out there somewhere. The crying for help that i try to get but were never sent arrive a little late. But it's all good. The advice that i gave not because i'm great and such but the connection that i had to the very similar story that i once had before. I realize, only during that moment people can actually see the real me and my past. Just through all that. But they don't know because i never told them. Let the lie being floated while i keep everything to myself.

No matter what i face, it doesn't mean i never face it again. This is life. Just like during daytime and night time. What we do for almost everyday, the cycle of the same matter comes and go. It is just a matter of the path that i took and the lesson that i learn through all that. Sometimes i might forgot and redo the same situation again while other times, i tend to open my mind and chose a harder path. All in all, you will be facing the same situation or troubles again but what will you choose and what have you remember and learn so far. That is all to that.

Nowadays, people are hurrying to take escalator and elevator. They have forgotten how to take the staircase. They stairways that once was crowded by people chasing their dream is now empty and dirty without any care. I sighed deeply while watching them rushing about their dream. As i slowly take my steps on the empty staircase.

So much for the thoughts of the day. Until then Daisy.

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