Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Life has been great and good to me lately. Been treating so well that i've been rewarded for my good deed. Bwahahahaha. I just love to praise myself lately. But seriously, i feel good.
I'm so happy, very happy and feeling great. Probably Big Bang's new album keep on playing in my head and i keep on singing it and you could say that i ruin the song with my wrong pronunciation. But my voice is heaven to my ear. To others it could be hell. Bwhaahahahaha. Do i look like i care? Apparently not anymore. Anyway, Big Bang's comeback is not the only thing that kept me happy. I bought two novels. It's a Malay novel and i've been aiming to buy those two novels for a long time. You could say only a couple of weeks. Bwahahahaha. I told my sister to buy it for me but she didn't find it. So on Monday i had a chance to go out and of course bookstore is always what i had in mind, i went there just to take a look and tadaa. It's there. Both of the novels that i have been searching for. Kyaaaa!!! I nearly shout like mad. As usual, i keep my cool act and calculating the money that i had, wondering if i could buy both at once and after finish considering i put a big smile on my face. A smile of satisfaction. For sure i could buy both. Oh yeah!!! Although that money was for my in advance birthday present but i really can't help it. I need at least the novels to keep me alive and as well as my mini library. So hell yeah i bought it without any fear. Fear? Why the fear you ask? My mom still controls my money and she really don't like it if i use the money that i had for novels. Her reason because i have a lot of novels already back at home. I told her i've reread the novels back at home tons of time and i need something new. She tried to sell my novels and i was like flabbergasted by her word. Sell them? Hell no. I took care of the novels as if it was my life depends on it. That's my heart there. Selling it would be the death of me. Anyway, back to my happiness. Wait i forgot where i left off. (Reread the above thing again) And so i bought it. My sister stopped me from buying three novels. Buying two novels using my own money in one time is like a dream come true. You know what i want to do next? I want to try buy 10 novels at one time. That would be very satisfying. A dream come true.

With my new novels (two) i'm not worried if i'll ever be bored for the next couple of days. After all the books that i bought is witty and so much info that i could get. I've finished reading the first one. It's called 'Aku yang kau tinggalkan' meaning leaving me or something or direct translation the me that you left. Bwahahaha. I'm ruining the language. It's a nice story and i learn about how to make the brain work again after a long coma. I forgot the terms. I'll reread the novels again since it is something anew. Anyway, here's how the story goes, for the sake of money and getting themselves out of debt Nia agrees to marry Zaril Ikhwan who had a car accident and got himself into coma, when he woke up he had to learn how to write, talk, read and etc again because the brain seems to be dysfunction after a long coma. She sign up the prenup agreement but she didn't know what happen to Zaril Ikhwan back then. So she asked to meet him before she sign those. After meeting him, she agrees the terms and such. And so there goes the wedding, the life, how Nia struggles to help her husband, how their Nia's love grow onto her husband despite the condition and etc. Just when things got better and he was starting to get better, they were seperated cause Nia was injured while trying to calm Zaril Ikhwan so she was sent to the hospital. Zaril makes a decision he wants to be treated fully by a doctor in a hospital since she doesn't want to hurt her  anymore so he told Nia that he's going to Paris for surgery and such. Two months seperated Nia decided to meet Zaril in Paris. Disaster come when she arrive. Zaril healed fully and his mom being the devil telling just any lies that she could think off to the point Zaril become egoist and decided to divorce Nia. He gave her the money and Nia left. Want to know more? Just buy the book. Bwahahahahaha.

It's raining and the has stopped. So much for the rain. Tch. It comes and go. Daisy, i'm off now. I want to continue reading the next novel that i bought. Until then Daisy. 

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