Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I'm pissed off!!!

Freaking pissed off reading the critiques about Big Bang's mini album. Seriously, one needs to think outside the box. Why do they exist in this world. Maybe because i'm a fan to Big Bang that lead me to anger and such after reading the review from a certain website. Hell yeah i'm pretty pissed off reading all that along with the commentators. Seriously why do they expect their new mini album to be the same with their old hit song? I don't know about them but this is the first time i like all of the song in their mini album and i listen to it without needing to skip and such. I listen to all of their song and why do they need to make such a fuss about who's getting the highlight or not. The point of the mini album is only the beginning of their 2 years and 3 months hiatus. For goodness sake. Those critiques must be deaf if not they have been living in a cave for such a long time. Even VIPs starting to believe in that author. Seriously VIPs who agrees with that post need to stop being a VIP. I wonder if they hear other KPOP songs. Cause truthfully i always keep myself updated and seriously when the release of Tonight and their mini album, it has become something new and beyond our imagination. Why do they have to compare with GDTOP's album, VVIP and Solar? I don't get it. All of that is the specialty that each member have that's why they release something different. Big Bang's new mini album is the combination of all that. If they expect that they mini album to be the same with the hip hop, RnB style that they have shown so far in the solo album or unit album then they better think again. BIG BANG is a group of 5 individual people who have different talent and different vibe in their voice. When it combines together, it makes BIG BANG. Pardon me Daisy. I don't know why i blurt out my thoughts towards you. I know i should say it to them but i'll start a war if i do that. I won't stop until i have made my point and make them agree with me by hook or by crook. I'm that kind of girl. That's why it's best i just state it here. You know how much i love peace.

This post is all about Big Bang. I was angry reading the negative opinion that they had towards Big Bang's mini album. I don't know why they exist because i don't see anything cripple in their mini album. All i see is improvement, a new thing and definitely refreshing. Everything they do is unique so try to think uniquely when it comes to judging them. Until then Daisy.

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