Saturday, February 12, 2011

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I'm having headache. Probably because i didn't drink any water although i'm damn thirsty at that time. Anyway, i'm having fun. My decision to stay at home finally paid off. Although it might look rude to others but having to play basketball after such a long time is very refreshing indeed. Why i said rude? Probably because i turned down the invitation going to my foster brother's house. That's why. I don't have any good excuse for refusing but i just don't feel like going. Not only that, i just want to be away from the negative aura. I'm making things complicated for both sides. Cause i don't give any more chances nor i bother to care. Zippppp.
Closing that topic. Bwahahahaha. Without any distraction or anything, i played basketball happily. Without worrying about other people and just minding my own business. But i nearly stopped on the way to the basketball court cause i got nervous for no reason. Probably that was the first time i ever make that kind of decision. Usually i make a decision that isn't about my life or not so personal nor breaking my comfort zone. But today, i make a decision to play at the basketball while breaking out from my comfort zone. I am not the social type of person and that is why i rarely go out in public places. Unless i think i have a reason to go and my mood is up to it, then i'll just go. But other than that, you might be able to see me either playing at front porch of the house or just sitting and lazying my butt off inside the house. That's probably the case. But now that i want to start a new life or should i say change little by little, i am so excited what future might bring to me. Wait, does that sound right? Ermmmm. Don't seem like it. Let me improvise it. I am excited with the my future if i do such a thing. Although there might be temptation here and there but i'll try to keep in mind to know where i belong from the first place.

Daisy, it seems my blogshop plan is getting complicated. The main problem is all about fund but the second that follows it is the item and the ridiculous price that my sister are putting. Seriously, this is not how i want it to be. This is why i should have gone to Plan Z. That is the most fearful plan that i don't really like to use unless i am desperate. Right now, i am desperate. If i didn't use this Plan Z, i won't be able to get what i want in time. This time i'm doing it for real. I don't want to consider about other things including what my parent's would think and such. Which is why, this is called Plan Z. A very common name for a plan but a very dangerous and adventurous at the same time cause it will test my own power to get the whole thing done. I wish i was bluffing saying it's dangerous and adventurous but unfortunately, it's true. Shall we get moving then? Oh wait, i am on the move.

Life isn't that simple. You can wish and dream of anything. But if we work hard and keep holding onto what we want most, there's nothing that can stops you. Until then Daisy.

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