Friday, February 11, 2011

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I'm still feeling a bit upset. It seems i can't get over it. But i know i can heal anytime now. I'm quite confident since i can feel that the whole upset thing is finally letting me go. Truthfully, i just saw my favourite Korean group, Big Bang on a talk show and it entertains me a bit. It only works for Big Bang and other groups, i don't think i can say the same thing confidently. I've told you why i like them. They're unique in every way and if they could and i know they will, they'll be able to conquer the world of music if they keep the whole family together. That's the whole key.
It's raining today so i didn't go out and play. I'm starting to get bored again. I want to read novel. Pardon me for refusing to read other things than novel since i need people to say it out loud the info in that other genre for me to remember it well. That is just my way of gaining knowledge. I can't read it because i know for sure i'll be dozing off or let other things to distract. That's just the way i am.

Actually Daisy, i don't really know what to talk about now. All i know i just want to keep on typing without any worries and to be able to share so many things in return. I want to do that. But the problem is i'm still healing. Although i did say it's starting to 'fall off' but you can never be certain on this heart matter. Like a cancer or tumor. If left untreated, it could be the death of you. Until then Daisy

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