Monday, December 6, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I've fallen deeply in love with the song. The song that seems like more of every women fantasy. I guess. You rarely hear men compliment you without any hidden agenda. But whenever i hear that song, i keep on thinking is possible if men can actually say that without anything hidden. Compliment women. That is what i mean. Even when they're getting older from the day he first saw her. I really did wonder. Well, here's what i have. If they truly love each other, then he might but if not and that love can be easily swept away by any strong wave then it is just nothing. I don't know. But yes, i have fallen in love with Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars (i think). I love that song but i never put it on my MP3. Probably, i myself have my own agenda. None of my favourite song in the past is in my MP3. I only hear it on certain occasion and that is when you'll hear me singing. So much for the rain to fall whenever i sing.

I did say i'll be talking about the anime that i watch last night. The anime is called Prutear. It is shoujo type and also a little bit of action here and there. But seriously, why is it i always cry when it comes to anime? Easily cried over it. Must be the background music that they use along with the touching moment. I cry on the final episode. Oh yeah, it has 13 episodes. So you can watch it in one go if you're bored and can't figure out what to do. My review on it? I love it. It has good ending and good story line. Except the main character just not cute enough. I'm watching the 13th episode over and over again. Love the ending. I wonder if i should buy the cd or not. Since i have decided to live single so maybe i'll find some entertainment all along. Oops, i was not suppose to mention living single and such. But since my hand itching to type it so i guess it won't be a great deal to me. I accepted the fact and accepted the reason. Life goes on with it even i wait. So, i guess its better this way.

Yup Daisy. For now, i'm closing the entrance to my heart. But among my family it will always be open but others, i don't know. I told you the other night that i'm not marrying unless i found 'my warrior'. But now, i'm not so sure if i will marry when i found him. Its a scary thing. I have to tell the truth about something and wait for the reaction and make an embarrassing confession, then i wish i could die right away. Yes, i have so many secrets but i can't help it. I don't trust other people. When you got betrayed hundred of times what part of the lesson did you not learn? For me, who was still naive about everything and to be contaminated in a cruel way how can i be so green when i see more than meets the eye. That is what i meant. So, now i'm weary talking about loving and having a relationship. Probably the best for me. I decided it. Unless my parent involve in this matter, then i have no say.

I think i'm forgetting something. Daisy, i might not be able updating you tomorrow. I don't know for how long cause my dad haven't paid the broadband so it might a silent night for you. Don't be lonely cause even before this i rarely send you anything since i lead a dull, repetitive life. No matter what happen, i'll remember you Daisy. I am forgetting something. Daisy, i might not celebrating new year in Sarawak. I'll be elsewhere and i don't know for how long i'll be gone. I'll tell you when and where is everything is confirm. Its ironic. My friends are back from their studying and such but i'll be going. I'm not disappearing but this is how my life goes. Unless you tie a string to my ankle, probably i'll stay put. But until that happen, i'll be travelling wherever i want to or wherever my path leads me too. The reason i decided willingly to take off cause i need to collect money. I have my needs and maybe i can help my parent. But my mom warn me not to buy novels. I told you, i'm going to stop buying novel for now. But how can i? I heard from my sister that Aisya Sofea release another novel. That is not to be miss. I have a complete set of Aisya Sofea's novel except for one and i am planning to buy it with the newest one. But since my mom warns me not to buy any novel, i have to forget about it. I hope i can still buy it when the time comes. When my mom allows me. That is what i meant. But anyway, since my mom won't let me buy novel, i'm planning to buy a new bedroom sets. It would cost a lot of money but if i can't afford it then i'll just have to buy bedsheets complete with comforter. That's all. But, next Monday, i'll be going out with my lil sis and i'll be buying lamp desk for my room. Since i love reading, i need it. I blame my previous admirer for not giving me lamp desk for a birthday present. Now i have to buy it. Hehehe.

I talk a lot today. They must have think i'm a talkative person when it is otherwise. So, Daisy don't be lonely. It's fine if you want a moment of solitary but don't be lonely. You know what i meant. Always, have someone beside you even all you're doing is just sitting side by side. That is what i meant. Until then Daisy. I love you and i'll be back whenever i could and tell you more about what you wanted to know. Until then.

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