Saturday, December 4, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I've got my freedom back. It's not that hard to hurt people's feeling and i know i'm hurting my little sister feeling but i'm sorry. I have to be mean on this. This is the only way i'll be able to have my own life. This tiny part of mine, i really want to treasure it. I got my room back and i feel sorry for her whenever i consider her feelings but i really do hope she understands it. If i were have any money now, i'll buy her anything except for the SOLAR cd that she wanted for a long time. She won't be listening to it. So, might be just a waste of money if i do buy her that. Maybe i'll buy her a dress or something. I wonder if i should use the money i have to buy her something. *sigh. Guilt. Hell yeah. This is what i'm having now. Can't believe this. Why is it when i have money i prefer spending it for my sister or for my mom. Either i'm an idiot or i just don't feel like buying anything for myself. Probably the third option. The thing that i want is way too expensive and not worth the price. I'm always like that. So that's why i don't want to bring anyone if i went for shopping cause i'll end up getting them irritated because of my attitude. No one can understand my point of view.

Yes, i told you i got my room back officially today. Again. It will take quite some time to handle all of this. I don't really have anything to share at the moment Daisy. Or any advice at all. I was distracted with many things and i'm trying to figure out what i will share willingly. For now, i guess i'll end it here. You're bored with the same old story aren't you? Well, i'm off. Until then Daisy

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