Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Okay,  someone really need to slap me in the face (i dare you!!!). I can't believe it. I can't even contain my anger a little bit longer. This evening i was talking about going somewhere and leaving behind the problem for a bit cause i need a vacation. Now, i'm feeling all guilty if i really do make the move. All because my mom said something nice and here i am getting all melted like ice. I can't believe it. But i already told you that i'm not someone who can contain anger longer than a day. If i end up not talking to anyone for days and whatsoever, believe me i'm not doing any thinking on who's right and who's wrong on those days. In fact, i've done all the blaming and all the correcting and the scolding in a day. I don't want to talk to anyone not because i'm still angry, i just don't feel like talking. But i did a lot of thinking. About my life and everything about me. What i want to do, what time i wake up, whose rule i want to follow and etc. It's in my power and no one dare to come close to me at that time although i laugh while watching my favourite anime, sing out loud and even stay up at night. I use that time wisely and if i decided to let people talk to me, then i'll lower my killer aura around me. Yes, i do believe i can make other people's life into hell if i want to and if i was evil enough. Too bad my heart only busy worrying about myself.

Okay, i'm not going to talk more about my idiocy. I'm going to talk about my favourite group. Korean group. I've been waiting for their comeback for almost two years now. And finally the time has arrive. They're going to make a comeback next year on February. Yay... I'm such a fan girl. I don't care, at least i have my favourite group. BIG BANG IS BACK!!! Oh yeah!!! I love Big Bang. Well, this December two of the group member going to release their album. Of course it's my favourite rapper. G-Dragon and T.O.P. I talk about them before and i could die and live again if i could go to one of their concert.(I wonder how one could revive after they die). I want to go to their concert if they're going to make one again. I want to go. Although i don't like crowd but with their great performance it lured out my wild side. Care to bring me there Daisy? No, i won't be shouting in the concert. I think i'll be mesmerize by the thought of going to their concert. Ooooohhhh, i so want to go to their concert. BIG BANG please come to Malaysia. One of your die hard fan is dying to go to your concert. I can't go to Korea since i don't have the money or in Japan either. But please come to Malaysia. I'm begging you. I could die if my wish do come true. This is far more exciting than macaroni and cheese. I wonder why i compare them to macaroni and cheese. I can't wait for February to come. Yay. Hopefully they won't be delaying it again. I'm not interested in their looks. I'm interested with each of their talents. All of them are so unique and the name Big Bang really suits them. I'm one of the V.I.P. I'm proud to be one. I could talk about them forever. But, i would not bore you Daisy. I try to get my friend like them but they didn't even bother about it. Heartbreaking. I'm not going to share my music with them anymore. Aaahh, Big Bang. I could wait forever.

Daisy, i told my mom i want to go somewhere and work there. She told it's too far but i won't back down anymore. I want to go there no matter what. No, i won't tell you anything about it. When i do get there, maybe i'll tell you. Daisy, i'm just like you. Just like you. Until then Daisy

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