Friday, November 26, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I need inspiration before i can proceed. No, i don't want to feel miserable and such. I miss my moment. I really do need my time off. I want to travel somewhere that can really inspire.I really want to travel. I don't mind if it somewhere close but i want nature to make it happen. I wonder if people understand what i meant by that. I have to be patient in this matter for i would not rush it. I can wait forever since i never did learn how to give up. If i do give up, don't forget to congratulate me.

I think i'm going out this weekend. Although i'm not really fond of going out during that specific day but i have since my situation is a bit complicated than what anyone could think of. Just like my friend said, love and respect can be harmful to one. I'm surprise how any of my other friends manage to get a permission to go elsewhere without their parent saying a lot of stuff. But i bet they use the childish way to get what they want. Yes, i envy them for that but no matter what i won't do what they did. I don't think it's appropriate and very rude in my point of view. I was taught a different way and that is why i could never disrespect my parent and obey whatever it is. Although i do tend to stray away like running away and getting wild but i had my point taken. Save me from my self idiot before i do make myself drown.

Problems happen here and there. No, not my problem so i won't post it here but i'm just stating stuff that happen around me. I only happen to be the listener of one's point of view. Usually i keep my silent if i don't know what really happen or if the other part seems like in a bad mood. I tend to do just that. But if they do keep on asking my point of view, i will be a professional and tell them what i think of. I don't take side. I just gave out the pros and cons. After all i prefer to hear the whole story from both side. Anyone can give a sound advice but it depends to the person itself. Do they trust you enough to ask for advice? There are some advices that can be given forcefully if they refuse to listen to you but they will take it if you hit the right spot. I can't believe i'm giving my point of view on this. Probably i want others to help the one who needed it the most. You can't choose the people who you want to help. If they need it then be there for them without thinking anything but just help. If it is out of your boundaries, hold their hand or pat them at the back to give a little bit of support. But no matter what it is, you tend to know what you have to say. It doesn't matter if it hurt as long it's the truth instead of taking sides.

Boredom has rule my head and that is why i talk about something that i never want to share. But i'm sharing it today because i want them to be sensitive about their surroundings. Although i'm at home the whole time, i'm not so naive about my surrounding and don't underestimate my ability or my look. You don't want to mess with my unpleasant nature. Anyway, Daisy i'll leave you for now. Some bad memory and bad thoughts suddenly conquered my head. So before i vent my anger towards them and humiliate them here, i better sign off. Until then Daisy.

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