Thursday, November 25, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I don't feel good. My throat starts to hurt again. I'm thinking it must be the weather but on second thought it must be the PEPSI. I'm obsessed with that drink. It's the drink that i tend to drink when i feel so broken hearted and refuse to fix it. So i tend to drink it. It happen before when i realize i got cheated. Loyalty and such, i wonder if it ever exist these days. I should marry old guy. Not the one who die easily. No point in marrying but ended up dead easily. I've been talking about this heartbreak for days now. Bear with me Daisy. I'll get over it. I won't lie about my feelings anymore. This will take some time. Especially when you can't tell your family about how you truly feel. That would be an awkward moment. Very indeed. Neither your friends. They don't give me a sound reason and since they can't influence me with anything so i'm having a hard understanding about whatever they offer me. I know they care but my head, my heart seems to have a hard time understanding it unless i persuade myself and ignore my instinct. Complicated. Certain people just gave up. Here goes my story. From the throat, weather, PEPSI, marrying old guy, heart breaks, family and friends. I wonder if anyone gets my story so far.

Drink lots of plain water but then i have to suffer going to toilet frequently. I realize i'm not so fond of going to toilet. Of all the places inside the house i'm very sensitive with toilet. I'm a freak. Why did i talk about toilet? Of all the topic that i had in my head i talk about toilet? What am i? Better stop there.

I wake up with two songs in my head. Shall i share it with you? I've been singing it now and then. Nah, i'm not going to put the video here but i'll just sing some part of it. You guess the rest. First song :

I can be your hero, baby,
I can kiss away the pain,
And i will stand by you forever,
You can take my breath away,
And i will be your hero.....

Second song :

I'm all out of faith,
This is how i feel,
I'm cold and i'm ashamed,
Lying naked on the floor,
Illusion never change,
Into something real......

That's the song that i keep on singing. It pops out in my head when i'm awake this morning. I test my voice and i seem to like how it sounds. I flatter myself. Well, who would actually praise me if i don't do such. People will think i'm being modest. I'm not going to tell you which is the real thing anyway. Am i  being modest or something else. It is a true wonder. Anyway Daisy, since i have limited edition of vocabulary at this moment since i'm not in the mood of using a new one that i learn from now and then, i guess i better sign off. I share too many unimportant gibberish (i thought it's the same thing) and bore you with my unpleasant nature. Until then Daisy.

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