Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Please pray for me. Pray that i can convince my mom into it. If i do have her approval then i might be leaving sooner than i thought. I know it might be selfish of me leaving my parent while i set out a journey that i chose but this is what i want. I am not trying to be stubborn or whatsoever. I just want that one journey. I know it can never fix my past but at least i can fix my future. Daisy, will you miss me? I think i'll be going for a long time and i really do hope my mom allow me to go. I know she needs me at the same time but my sisters are here so i'm not really worried. Except that she will be lonely during the day. I promise, after i finish whatever business i have there, i'll come back for her. Funny that i always talk about my mom's feeling. Probably because i talk to her most of the time. While my dad, i don't know. Suddenly i don't know what to talk about. Anyway, i really do hope she allow me to go. I just need to get every information that i need and not leaving a thing or two. Please, please,,, Better have my fingers cross.

I guess that's it i'll be telling you. Don't have any reason to keep telling you the same thing over and over again. Until then Daisy

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