Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I'm healing myself at the moment. Healing myself from over eating. I guess when you get older you tend to lose your appetite. If a few years back then i could finish up two large pizza by myself, this time i can't even finish one of it. Well maybe because i was drinking Nesvita at that time. Not a good one to begin with. I get full easily and i realize that i don't eat late night anymore. No, i'm not on a diet. I don't really like dieting. You suffer from it and then what will you do? Not good for the body. Trust me. It kills all your healthy side. Lets just make yourself young although you're aging. You can't escape from getting older. Yesterday it was pizza night. All of the sudden both my sister bought pizza for us at home but that is too much. Way too much. I don't think i can eat another pizza for this whole month. My tummy don't feel good cause i eat too much. I don't want to waste it. It's a bad thing wasting food but then i can't force myself to take another bite anymore. In the end i gave up and i suffer from the pizza loaded right now.

After the whole pizza thing, i can't even choose what to eat the next day. I keep on telling myself i should eat rice to prevent getting gastric cause it has been couple of days i didn't take rice and eating the pizza yesterday giving the last blow and last warning to me. But then i'm still full and i don't have any appetite to eat rice. So i keep on going to the kitchen thinking what is best for me. I end up opening the fridge and then walk back to the living room. Daydreaming or staring while thinking what should i eat. It took me an hour to decide whereas finally i decide to take rice since i can feel the pain in my stomach. I can't believe i'm taking so long to think about this kind of thing. All because of the pizza. But i'm grateful that i get to eat them a lot and appreciate it only next time, please tell me that you guys are buying pizza so that i can starve myself and do some mental checking.

I'm kind of bored right now Daisy. Well i'm always bored. I have a lot of novels that i found and haven't got the mood to read. Actually i do want to read it but reading it on the laptop is a bit comfortable. I want to print it out but my mom wouldn't let me. So right now i'm trying to think or figure out how to print all of it without her permission. I've been thinking of printing it at the stores or something but i'm scared that i'll dry up their printer ink before i get to finish everything that i have and also scared that it would cost me a lot of money. I'm going bald if that thing ever happen to me. But right now, i'm still trying to ask my mom's permission to let me use the printer at home and let me print it. I want to. Cause it makes me happy. I don't like putting it on the thumb drive and reading it on the laptop. Not fun at all. I can't roll myself over and so on. And my habit of reading could really destroy a laptop. So, i prefer to make it as a book myself. Now what do i do?

Enough of that. Still about the things that i like to do. Guess what? Besides of me being bored, i found another way to gain some pleasure. I found all my favourite shoujo manga and i'm keeping it. Yes, i download it. I know it's illegal and believe me that is not my intention at all for downloading the things i love. I want to support the artist and such but the problem is i don't know where to get it, buy it or even have the money. That is not the only problem. Since i'm in different country using different language so it's kind of hard for me to learn other language. I know i can learn it but since i'm trying to be a good daughter so i can't make my parent displease with my needs and etc. And since they don't understand the unusual me differ from my sisters, that is why i have to download the thing that i need. I'm like a bird whose being cage but can find the my own pleasure without making other people worry about me. Oooooo,,, It's like i'm praising myself or was i? 

Guess thats it for now. Since i have a very limited vocabulary for today, i guess i'll be going for now. I don't have the mood to flirt around. Until then Daisy.

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  1. knk x brik kmk jak pizza ya???he3...kmk suka juak mkn pizza bha...