Monday, November 1, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Yes, i'm fine now. It seems yesterday is not my day to be changing my sleep time. It's annoying. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling much awake. And then what did i end up doing? Hanging out on the net. Whatever i meant by that. I don't pretty much hate it but i need to fix my habit of sleeping late and waking up on noon. Seriously, whoever want a lady who wakes up late. Wait, why i'm concerning myself over this thing. Arghhh,,, I've gone mad. I'm bored Daisy. As in really bored. Why wouldn't i be bored? I've been reading the same novel each day and never bother to see sunshine or even bother to go out the house. I wish i could be out there somewhere but i'm in prison for the time being. Not that i meant real prison. But just house arrest. Okay, i'm making it sounds real. No, it's not the real thing. It's the term i use when i don't have a choice but to stay at home. While everyone is heading out, i'm the only one who have nothing to do but stay inside the house. I'm bored. I want to go out probably visiting MPH again. Somebody please bring me out. I'm bored to death already.

Right now i'm planning for my future business but it seems that my mom still not convince and prefer to hear from other people's opinion. Now i have to get everyone's approval and pray for miracle. I found someone to deal the things but i'm unable to convince my family yet. I wonder why i have to go through all of them. Thankfully i just need to get my mom approval and everything might be just fine. Pray for me.

Okie dokie. Now, what should i do about myself. I've been eating like forever from yesterday and i keep on craving for McDonald which i can't figure out why. I've ate it two days ago but now here i am still thinking about McDonald. The burger,,, The double cheese burger. Ooooooo,, Yummy. I'm making myself hunger for it again. I've just ate it. Don't bother. I'm sure it's just temporary. 

Ermmm,,,,now i got nothing to talk about. The plot that i'm working is still going. For the time being i need to collect as many information as possible. I don't have the mood to find anything on the internet because i don't know what i'm searching for. But for now, everything is smoothly laid out but let's just hope i can turn this one on and get a better review. I don't want it to be a failure cause it will somehow dampen my spirit and which is why i want it to be a success. It's my first trial and i'm planning for success. If i do fail i think i can always get back up although it will take quite sometime. 

Well Daisy, i guess that is all for today. Until then Daisy.

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