Thursday, October 14, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I wonder why i'm so cruel. It's not that i don't forgive people, i forgive them but i need a long time to heal. In the past, i can forget things easily. The pain that people cause me, the word that i have to swallow, i can easily cool myself and forget it the next day. I forgave them for all the pain that they cause me no matter how mad i am, i still do forgive them. But right now it's a bit hard for me to heal the pain. Thats why i can't talk to them yet. It's nearly a week. I hate this part of me but during this solitary time i kept thinking which is much better? Giving a silent treatment or just voice out the hurtful word? For now, i stick to silent treatment but i don't know for how long and why i keep choosing the safest way. Anyway Daisy, this won't be long. I'm just voicing out what has been playing in my mind. I'm not depressed anymore. I can take care of myself. I dream about the strangest thing and get back onto my hobbies during this time. Until then Daisy.

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