Sunday, September 26, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,
Yes, i have been busy but i'm always busy. I don't know why i like being busy eventhough it's tiring. My sister's wedding is done and finally i can rest but i miss my room. Now i have to give up my room for the newly wed. How uncool is that. Well whatever. I don't want to whine or make such a big fuss about it. It is just not my style of doing so.

I have some bad news. Well for me it is. But quite a good news also since it will make my worries disappeared in a blink of an eye. Here's the thing. I'm not going to KL or Shah Alam the end of this month or year cause there's no more vacancy and mostly guys work there. So it will be a trouble matter for me since i don't click with the opposite sex as much as others. I guess that ends my worry once and for all. Thank goodness i waited. So, to all my friends i'm not going there the end of this year but i'm not sure about next year. Let's just wait. Hehehe. My life is all about changing directions. I create my own path with my own strenght. But then of course there's always a little bit of help here and there. Let's just say i always need help in the end.

Hmmmmmm, I keep on sighing these few days. Probably because i got jealous most of my friends are married and even my sister is married already. Here i am, stuck in the middle of nowhere. Being a jobless person does not help either. I wonder whatever should i do. I guess this is my punishment on earth for being  a bad follower. I disobey the calling not to mention i'm starting to feel lazy again. I wonder what happen to me. Where have all my promises go to. I hate myself for behaving like this. Curse me. Here i am whining, nagging and scolding my head of. Who knows i'll be able to set myself straight. This cannot go on forever. I have to do something and i think i'm going to keep on trying again. I'm going to keep my promises because through that i won't be afraid of dying early. 

Well then Daisy. I talked about my absent, my decision and my resolution. Although there's more i want to share with you, i can't do neither since in my head it keeps on saying that i need to find a husband. So here am i promoting myself. Does anybody wants me for a wife? Gosh, i can't believe i just did that. Never mind then. Maybe next time i'll talk more about this. Until then Daisy.

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