Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Yosh, it has been an interesting day but normal for you (maybe). I finally get my lazy bone out of the house. Well the reason i'm willing to do so because i'm meeting with my friends and enjoying my time with her. It has been years i didn't meet her so we had a lot of catching up to do. But she knows my story because there's always Facebook eventhough we rarely see each other. So i might want to correct that part. We just want to see each other and see how we're doing after so many years pass by. I didn't even realize that we have been apart for nearly 5 years maybe. I'm glad my friendship with her is still strong as ever.

We went to The Spring today. I chose the place because i don't like going to a crowded place since it'll make me dizzy and all. I try to be good cause i don't want to badmouthing someone that i barely know when i look the way they dress or their attitude. I tend to do that because i can't stand the ugliness of the scene. I wonder what i meant by that. What ever. Anyway, we met and decided to watch a movie. Resident Evil; The Afterlife (something like that). The funny thing that we did was we bought a ticket for couple sit cause we chose the time early and didn't bother about how the seat arrangement. After we bought the ticket, we just realize how odd it will be for us (both ladies) seating in couple seat. I guess the ticket seller at the counter must have thought something else because of that. We were flabbergasted but then we decided to do it professionally. What i meant professionally is just think positive. So in the end we figure out how to deal with it and watch happily. Curious on that one? Well, since the cinema is not full, we took advantage on that. It was a very memorable moment.(or so what my friend says)

That is all we have been doing. It was normal for you but exciting for me because it really made my day. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention, i have been messaging with one of my friend until late at night and it was fun. So Daisy, do you think i could reach for that happiness that i yearn for? Do you think through this, i'll be able to meet you, as my future........half? Until then Daisy.

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