Monday, September 13, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

After quite some time i didn't update you, i wonder how you're doing lately? I won't say i'm busy but i'll just say i'm being lazy again. For the past few days, i have been feeling down, disappointed and heartbroken with my friends. I don't even know if this is normal but for me it isn't. The one thing i really treasure the most is friendship. If i told you, you are my friend then it is friends for life. I won't ignore you when you're in need nor will diss you when you want me to be somewhere. I'll trust and keep my faith in you. Just like in Gokusen. I want to have that forever bond with you and it's something that i control and its within my own power to do so. No one can say anything about that. But, it seems like these friends of mine take things for granted. I am so heartbroken to the point i don't care anymore what she's doing and whatever happen to her. I just don't care anymore. It pains me enough to make me feel grumpy for a few days already. I can't believe this whole thing. The fact that she got someone special beside her, i don't give a damn at all. All i want her to see is the friendship that we should treasure for the rest of our life. Having her as my 'friend' makes me feel regret for protecting her ass back then and letting me to take all the bitterness of life while she takes all the credit. Right now, this is the end of everything. Whatever it is now, i don't want to bother about it anymore. 

I'm so sad Daisy. Console me. Lend me your shoulder. It's heartbreaking for me but i just have to deal with it. Daisy, can i come at your place? I think i'm starting to miss you already. Daisy, if you ever meet me just take me away from this pain. It's not like i want to run away but i just want a time for myself to breath. It's suffocating to be here but i can't help but worrying. I know the name of the place already Daisy and that's where i would be. I'm going there but only in fall season. That's the only place that i go. If i could, i would build a house there but let's just keep it to myself for now. Until then Daisy.

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