Monday, June 14, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I've been gone for two days and people thought i was sulking. That's funny. Aye, it is. Nah, i'm not sulking. As always no matter how mad i am and how insanely crazy i am, i always,always got my head back to normal again and feel like nothing happen the night before. That does not hurt like words do but sometimes i'm just not ready to face anything yet. So that is probably the reason why i fuss so much about it. Typical me.
I guess you are wondering where did i go for the past few days. Well as some of you might guess, i went to my brother in law's country side. I prefer calling it country side since i don't like the word village. Village sounds ugly. I wonder who created that name. I'm starting to babbling nonsense again. Okay, i went to my brother in law's countryside at Perak. There's a place where it was called Bagan Datoh. I think it's somewhere over there. So, despite of my protest and my madness, it's a good thing that i sleep nicely that night and wake up feeling nothing at all. Although i want to keep up with my grumpiness but i feel like it's not worth it. Make me look old if i keep on doing that. (I can't believe i'm still thinking about my look). I went there and it was not so bad. I love the place, love my brother in law's family. They are nice people and very open. I like them. I don't care about the house and whatsoever all i care about is the surrounding. Being there and all it got me thinking about our family. The A and D family. It really got me thinking why can't we live like a normal family. I won't tell you much about it because it was just an ordinary house with ordinary people. All i can say, despite their place is like that, with house made out of wood and so on and the toilet is far away from the house (no, my dear sister i didn't get a chance to use the toilet when i'm there) it still look tidy, peaceful and economic. I love the way it is. What's more important is that the people inside the house made the house more lively. Full of happiness and smile all around it. They look like there's no trouble that they could not handle for they are always one at heart. I love that kind of feeling. The feeling that i envy the most in other's family.

I know some of you are wondering what i meant by living like a normal family. Well, a family that are together at heart. They are one when making decision and they tend to solve it together without involving the outsiders nor even show it to the outsiders. That is what i meant and of course beside all that the happiness that you can feel once you step foot inside the house. No awkwardness and tense hanging in the air but just pleasure. I love that kind of feeling. For me it's the strongest feeling where it can fight all the hate and the negativity of other people. I love it there. It's very cold also. Probably because it was raining while i was there. It's fun and i hope i can go there again for a couple of days. Except i'm still worried about the toilet that is so far away.
I guess, that's all i can share for now. I don't want to tell you my other plan because it needs a careful and long thoughts. So dear Daisy, bear with me for a while for i'll bring you to my next adventure. Until then.

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