Friday, June 4, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Notice how i keep on updating you although there's not much of a news but i guess i owe you some explanation and a little secret. I know the reason i keep coming back at you because i owe you something. Although you don't voice it out but i just had a feeling that you actually had 1001 question that you want to ask. Well i'll explain it briefly as i can be and i hope i can reduce that 1001 questions that you had to 1. 

Well the reason i have been so uneasy is due to the heart matters. Sometimes, i don't know what's best for me anymore.  I don't know if what i'm doing is right or wrong and if the decision that i chose is right for me. My decision sways left to right and than otherwise. Not too worry, i only have trouble making decision on the heart matter but if it was other thing i won't have any problem at all. I'm getting tired thinking about this and sometimes i want to end it and sometimes i just want to run away from it. This whole thing and so on, really annoys me. It took away my peaceful place and calm heart. I'm getting insane. Anyhow, for now my heart says too not to have any relationship at all with the opposite sex. That is for now. I know i will change it again the next time i talk about this.

Daisy, guess what?? I cut my hair short. Although not that short but at least it's short. I wish i could cut it shorter but i have doubts whether it look nice on me or something. I wish the hair stylist know what to do without asking me. How am i suppose to know what fashion or style that suits. So far, it's really devastating when you go to hair salon and they only ask how do you want to cut it? Hello??? I don't know much about this whole thing and why don't you give me some idea!!! But anyway, i'm grateful because finally i cut my hair. I still want to cut it short though. I'll try the next time.

Well Daisy, that's all for now. Until then

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