Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

This is my 3rd time updating you. But not on the same day. I think trouble is heading my way and which is way i'm scattering trying to find the perfect solution. Which cause a bit of problem cause my head is not working by the time i needed it the most. But i guess it will be fine. Things happen. They come and go and i might as well just laugh along the way. I think i'm getting used to this thing and thats why i don't think it's a big deal. But people thought it is a big deal since i voice it out. I'm used to it but i needed to voice it out sometimes so i don't feel suffocate by my own problem.

I just add a new friend in my Facebook. I hope we can remain friends or even be good friends. I hope our relationship is only friend and nothing more. I don't want to ask for more because i'm too afraid for the outcome. I'll just be thankful for now on. I guess that would be nice. Having new friends and so on. I just realize how i love to make friends in the past. But i don't know when things started to become cruel in its own way i started to be careful in making friends. If only i could turn back the time maybe i would do just that but that would add to another mistake that i shouldn't touch. If i do regret it, i wouldn't want to turn back the time.
Daisy, i wonder how thing will be for the next 10 years? Last time i thought about it i dream of myself being married, in the arm of the man i love and love me unconditionally while watching the little one taking his/her first step. Our house is only a small one but enough for the three of us. I guess i didn't plan to have big family. But then, it was only a dream. A dream that i'm hoping that one day it would be real.

I think thats all i can tell for now. Until then Daisy

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