Monday, March 29, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

It has been a while isn't it? But not that long. I still remember you no matter where i go. I realize something today. People keep on talking about having multiple personalities and suddenly it snapped  in this slow witted head of mine. I have multiple personalities. I'm not proud of it but i think i'll be able to use it on my enemy. It's not that i'm heartless but i'm just being cruel. Okieeeeeeee,, Let me tell you what i did yesterday. I think i got some interesting story (well, for me i guess).

Yesterday 27th of March i went to Sarikin. I know some of you might never heard of it and most of you have heard of it. It's like a market place where they sell some really good stuff and not to mention cheap as well. That place is very awesome although there's no big shopping complex and whatever it is that you can find in this hectic city, you won't find it there but i'm telling you, it's worth for those of  you who like to go places like that especially meeeeeee!!! I love place like that. I have another place that i want to go in this head of mine but i won't tell you yet cause i just love to surprise people. I apologize for not being able to upload any pictures of that place. I'm too busy holding things and too lazy to take a picture. Not so fond of taking picture. Somehow it does make that kind of place full of mystery. This is fun. I want to go again but the next time i go there, i hope i have someone to be able to walk with me in my pace.

It's Earth Hour!!! I celebrate Earth Hour of course for i really want to make sure i can see what i'm seeing right now for the next 10 more years to come. I'm not confident if i'll be able to live for that long but i hope the Earth still have the same wonderful view that i see on television for now. I wish i could upload the picture. I forgot to mention, i celebrate Earth Hour at home. Not interested in celebrating it outside. Besides, it's fun that way. I guess that's all i had done for now. It might be boring to your eye but for me, it is something that i want to treasure no matter where i go.

I created another blog and it's called The Black Prince. I know you might be wondering why i put that name but if you follow it and read everything that i jotted down, you might understand why. So, we will meet again in my next blog. Until then Daisy.


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