Friday, January 22, 2010

Letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Surprise to hear from me again aren't you? Well let's just assume it that way since i said so. Sounds a bit bossy isn't it? I am currently trying to recover from my fever. Thank goodness it's not that bad and i learn to take medicine when my body start to feel terribly wrong. I should have decided this a long time ago but i'm just being childish who love being pampered. Unfortunately i didn't get any attention at all from the people that i needed the most. It make me look like a pathetic girl or should i say pathetic lady. Thinking about that, it reminded me of how i spent most of my years trying to gain people's attention until at one point i keep coming in and out from the hospital. I know really well the cause of it but i just can't seem to voice it out since no one is listening. I think that's the reason why i have lack of friend. It's fine with me cause i know i can always start a new life. Maybe we should just stop talking about the past for now, right Daisy?

For your info, i haven't bought any new novel ever since i set my foot in Kuching. I didn't even want to go out of the house although my family has been trying to bribe me with food. (You know i love food especially mee jawa, laksa sarawak, mee kolok and last but not least mee rojak). So they try to bribe me with all of that but i am just too lazy to go out. I think the reason i did that was because i'm trying to avoid meeting my friends. Don't ask me why but i think i need to prepare myself mentally and physically. As you might have known, i'm not so fond of their next comments after they see me. It seems like they have been saying the same script over and over again. Makes me bored and hurt deeply by their words. I've become a very sensitive person and some may know it but they just have to say whatever they want to say without thinking. Right now, i'm only interested in meeting my close friends and unfortunately there are still studying and i have to wait for them to come back home. Hopefully i get to meet them. Pray for me Daisy.

Speaking my fate, i think i have to wait a little longer for my bakery course. I don't mind actually cause i got another plan IF my plan A didn't work. My head always try to find a way to fulfill my dream. Why the heck would i make a lot of scarification just to get a dead end. I won't be call Dctsal if i give up now. Thank goodness my brain works as fast as they can be. I got another plan holding up and i am quite patient about this. I know thing will work out one day. If my dreams come true, i would tell the whole world to not ever give up on their dreams. Though it sounds impossible but just do it with everything you can. The dream chose you and you chose to go for it. It's in your will. FIGHTING!!!

I can't believe i end my sentence like that. I would tell them more about my success so pray for me and i'm sure this dream of mine will help a lot of people like me. As long as they think positive everything is worth it. So Daisy, i guess i have to go on. It's 2.32 am now. I have to go to sleep after i update my other blog. Until then Daisy.


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