Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lady Daisy

Dear Daisy,

It's kind of painful at the moment. Probably it's the rain. But my chest just feel hurt. The loneliness that i'm feeling, inhope it won't turn into envy. I do not want to envy their happiness but being 26 and still single, is not fun at all. I receive invitation to my friends wedding. All i could do is stare at it while asking myself when will i ever find him. The one who i belong to. I know i'm not trying hard enough. I just don't know where to find. My heart always lead me to certain places. A certain day, month when i know he's close my heart will lead me to him. But as i turn my head, i don't know where is he. Constantly, he would remind me when i decided not to pursue anymore but there he was in my dream and it lingers the next morning. I know i sound crazy telling you this but that's what i've been feeling. It confuse me but i want to believe it to be true. Hopeless romantic. But i know he's out there. We just can't find each other. Until then Daisy. 

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