Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thee, Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I'm hiring a boyfriend!!!
And that's that. Yes, i may have gone mad but i'm desperate. Seriously. Just for a couple of hours. But that would be impossible since i don't really have the money to offer and no, i am not going to offer my body. That is out of question. Which probably why, the more i think of it i am too desperate to have one. I probably should hire a driver but a driver can't teach me about love nor open my heart. I seem to be getting all goosebumps when my friend starts telling their 'romantic' version. I can't understand it at all. It give me creeps. But the funny thing is i keep on saying how sweet if it is in a novel but when it comes to reality i just feel like i want to throw someone in the ocean and let them drown. I can't remember the lovey-dovey moment when i had a boyfriend back then. Now it has been 5 years without one and i'm forgetting everything. Almost everything. I didn't forget my sins. That is all that i remember. Love is a dangerous thing indeed but here i am forgetting all that except for my sins. Whoever dare to take up this challenge please be sure to email me or whatever it is people's doing now. Clearly, i'm not a social type of person. I shut myself to the world ever since that day. Until then Daisy.

P/S : What's with guys and women who have hot body? Am i despicable enough to gain weight when people keep on questioning all about it over and over again. I really feel like showing them 'in your face' action. One day!!!

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