Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Be My Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I'm being like this again. Rejecting everyone when i wanted LOVE. I contradict myself with action and words. How could i tell people that i do too want to get married and i too want to have a happy ending. I can't and i just don't know how. Making that big decision in my life is like lying to the whole world. I'm rejecting everyone now. I don't know how to proceed anymore Daisy. Somehow i feel that love just vanish from my heart. I don't know how to retrieve it back. Was i hurt that badly to the point i didn't realize that it's gone? Or to the point it's there but i just could not see it somehow? Last time it was all about the drowning in tears and now just empty. I dream too much and hope too much right? Too much novel thats been clouding my head and i forgot to stay on the ground. Is it too late now Daisy? Somehow, it does feel a little bit too late. Dear heart o heart of mine. I could never heal you with my own broken shell. Until then my Daisy.

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