Thursday, April 12, 2012

Be My Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I think i'm happy enough to be the one who write and give out the title. Give out the conclusion in my own way and to just give everything that i know by far without causing any confusion. Well, that is from my point of view though. I do welcome some other point of view because as wide as the universe can get, that's the same wide as the opinion can get. It is just a matter on wanting to believe and that was it. Just now i got a lot of stuff going on my head and wanting to share about but just when i start writing out a good intro my niece woke up from her sleep and kind like distract me here and there. I know i'm planning to talk about my other blog but i need to end my intro in a good way. Instead i forgot about all the good ending itself. So, let's just move on to what i was about to share.
About my other blog. The one that i called Cherish, i have been updating a lot on that and sharing a whole lot more on my idea and my own perspective about life. Probably i find much more easier there than it is here. And probably there's a side of me wanting to talk about something but hide from certain something. That is how i see it. And that is mostly what my life is all about. I talk whatever goes on in my thoughts. If i were to have a room for myself you'll probably see a lot of notebooks contains most of my precious thoughts piling up at one side. That is how i picture myself. It's fun when the things that i write can give strenght to other people. At first i only think of it as my personal space that i let everyone know but in the end i'm excited on helping others. If by my words and my art can help them heal without having to see a doctor then i'm really flattered. My friends told me to get it recognize and to have the credits on me. It does sound good to the ear considering my situation where i have to sacrifice a whole lot more of my time, energy and money on my family but it kind like scares me. I would keep on producing and goes on with the way i am now but what if one day my most treasured thing that i cherish the most disappear? That is what i fear the most. And if it does disappear, what about those people that put their hope on my art? It's scary. I did not travel much like other poet or artist nor did i see a lot of stuff. I have this limited point of view where somehow my imagination rolls on its own. My idea comes from what i have been doing, heard of and touch. Even if i hope to see a whole lot more, i can just accept the way they are right now. Somehow this sounds a rather gloomy post. I better end it now. Until then my Daisy. 

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