Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be My Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Yes, it is a long hiatus indeed. I couldn't believe i've been gone for almost like forever. Now, i'm losing most of my viewer. It's a sad thing to notice my blog become so lonely. Even so, note that my other blog, Cherish is doing great or so i might think. I have to admit that this side of literature or art suits me the most. One like no other. I have been doing nothing but planning. Yes, you could say i like to wreck my brain a bit here and there and crash myself when i don't have the answer to my own ridiculous question. During that time, i really need someone whom i can talk to and to actually understand to whatever it is i am trying to say. Because sometimes when i get to excited on certain things i blurted out almost everything. That's why i always need someone whom i can really trust to be near me at that time. But when i do feel stressed out, i tend to ask question and by the time i finished asking  i got my own answer. And i still want to hear what the other person says. And that is not the worst part. The worst part is where their answer need to match my answer, the one that i kept inside my head. When it does match i won't troubled them more but when it turns out wrong i tend to be mean. Ngiahahaha. I sound like a Hitler when it comes to all that. Pretty scary somehow. Now why is i'm talking about this?
 Blast that. I can never understand why i'm sharing something unimportant. I guess it goes with the character or the mood i'm in. Nowadays, i have been doing nothing and more to babysitting. But weekend is the best part of all. Not the going out part. But the baking going on. Love the smell of doughs, the yeast, the feel of flour. It almost feel like everything that i ever dream of. Most of my weekend, i'll be doing all the baking. Today i end up baking cake. I forgot a lot of things in the process but the cake turns out great after a bit of modifying. I need to make some more. Who knows one day i'll be making my own recipes and do believe me that it will the greatest one of all. This is my dream and i shall force my way on making this dream of mine come true. If you are a dreamer like me, do make it happen and not some dream that just fade away. No matter how long it will take you and how hard the challenge that you must face, swallow the whole freaking thing and fight until the end without hurting anyone and be blinded with money. It could turn the other way. It happens in drama and movies just so you know. Well, that is it from me. If i get a little bit more hi-tech i'll probably upload the pictures on this blog. It will be fun. Indeed it will. Until then my Daisy. Loving you all the way.

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